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Adding a Sprayer to Kitchen Faucets: When and Why

Person using a commercial kitchen faucet sprayer

A kitchen faucet sprayer adds value to any kitchen. Sprayers are easy to install and rarely require purchasing a new faucet. If you have thought about whether this would be a good investment, this article will cover when and why you should consider adding one to your kitchen. 

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Get WELL Soon: How to Qualify for the WELL Building Standards

Three employees walking outside an office building that is certified bye the WELL Building Standards

Health and well-being are the primary focus of organizations that care to meet WELL Building Standards. If you are ready to meet the qualifications for becoming a WELL Building, you need to understand the seven concepts for WELL Building certification.

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How Touchless Technology Helps Promote Food Safety in the Food Service Industry

Untitled design (58)


Food safety is a significant concern for both commercial kitchen staff and consumers. Touchless technology centered on food safety promotes safe food handling. 

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Reducing the Risk of Legionnaires' Disease

Guidelines for Legionella Control from Renowned Experts

The Legionella threat is genuine and critical. Approximately 10% of Legionnaires' Disease cases are fatal, and a known 10,000 cases occur annually. When one adds in the estimated number of unreported cases, the total rises to as many as 70,000.

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How IoT-Based Facility Management Works: Roles, Benefits, and the Latest Devices

Innovations in building technology for IoT-based facility management

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides valuable insights into how your facility’s equipment operates. It does this by detecting leaks before they become major issues and alerting you whenever certain elements go awry. IoT-based facility management also ensures 24/7 protection against unauthorized entries.

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Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse Faucets: How to Make the Right Choices

Dishwashing sink with commercial kitchen pre-rinse faucets

Every dishwasher knows that it can be hard to get all your dishes clean in one go. That makes kitchen pre-rinse faucets an essential part of any commercial kitchen, especially if you have large volumes of dishes to clean. 

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Top 7 Tips on How to Design Commercial Bathroom Stalls and Partitions

Interior of modern commercial bathroom stalls and partitions

Details matter when it comes to designing commercial bathroom stalls and partitions. When you focus on value and quality in your commercial bathroom designs, you ensure a striking outcome.  

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The 1-2-3 Guide to Hand Hygiene in Commercial Buildings

With an elevated focus on preventing the spread of germs and viruses, everyone will need to review how they approach hand hygiene in buildings. Although you may not need to implement similar controls that healthcare facilities require, every building manager will need to promote clean hands inside commercial buildings. The CDC lists handwashing as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of disease in any situation. 

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Raising the ROI for Your Post-Pandemic Restaurant

Table top at restaurant

People are returning to restaurants, but the reality is that even with a (nearly) full room of tables, restaurants are still recovering from the pandemic’s financial ripple effect. At the same time, this transitional period for the restaurant industry owners/operators considering and implementing changes to respond to the post-pandemic preferences of restaurant customers. In some cases, these changes open up opportunities for long-term savings. Here are some approaches restaurant owners/operators can take to maximize the efficiency of their operations, save money and deliver on diner expectations.

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