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Top 7 Tips on How to Design Commercial Bathroom Stalls and Partitions

Interior of modern commercial bathroom stalls and partitions

Details matter when it comes to designing commercial bathroom stalls and partitions. When you focus on value and quality in your commercial bathroom designs, you ensure a striking outcome.  

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The 1-2-3 Guide to Hand Hygiene in Commercial Buildings

With an elevated focus on preventing the spread of germs and viruses, everyone will need to review how they approach hand hygiene in buildings. Although you may not need to implement similar controls that healthcare facilities require, every building manager will need to promote clean hands inside commercial buildings. The CDC lists handwashing as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of disease in any situation. 

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Raising the ROI for Your Post-Pandemic Restaurant

Table top at restaurant

People are returning to restaurants, but the reality is that even with a (nearly) full room of tables, restaurants are still recovering from the pandemic’s financial ripple effect. At the same time, this transitional period for the restaurant industry owners/operators considering and implementing changes to respond to the post-pandemic preferences of restaurant customers. In some cases, these changes open up opportunities for long-term savings. Here are some approaches restaurant owners/operators can take to maximize the efficiency of their operations, save money and deliver on diner expectations.

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ARP, ESSER, and HEER Funds for Faucet Upgrades

Schoolgirl with soapy hand giving thumbs-up after using a faucet upgraded with ARP, ESSER, and HEERF Funds

In early 2021, schools across America began to reopen, leaving administrators looking to use ARP, ESSER, and HEERF funds for faucet upgrades for educational facilities. 

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Case Study: How the Massachusetts Department of Recreation Prepared its Restrooms for a Safer Reopening During COVID-19

Case Study_MassRecTeam

An Unexpected Opportunity

Like most organizations, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation plans were turned upside down by the arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020. State parks were locked down in the initial phase of the governor’s Stay at Home order before residents were permitted to use the parks again for walking and hiking. However, most of the Department’s facilities, including the restrooms, remained closed to the public.

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How Commercial Bathrooms Are Evolving in 2021

Commercial bathrooms are evolving in 2021. These new plans incorporate function, form, and fixtures that are trendy and eco-friendly. For public restroom designs, this means a growth in market size.

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Announcing Our First Healthy Building Hero-Dr. Janet E. Stout

Janet E. Stout, PhD -
Chicago Faucets Shines the Spotlight on Healthy Building Heroes

We think it is time to focus on those who are leaders in identifying issues and determining solutions for creating healthy indoor environments that keep us safe and healthyThose individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving our built world, the quality of our environment, and our healthSo, we are shining the spotlight on these unsung heroes by recognizing these Healthy Building Heroes throughout the year. 

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