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A Guide to Choosing Practical, Durable, and Stylish Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial kitchen faucet washing fruit

Is it time to replace your commercial kitchen faucets? Whether you need to buy new ones because the old ones are leaking or you simply want to upgrade the look, this guide will help you choose the right one for your commercial kitchen.

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7 Nifty Tips to Increase Storage Space in Commercial Kitchens

 Jars on a shelf to increase commercial kitchen storage space

Is there limited space in your establishment’s kitchen? Does your team struggle to find what they need to do their jobs efficiently and on time? Optimize workflows with a more organized kitchen. Increase your commercial kitchen storage space by following these helpful tips.  

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How Touchless Technology Helps Promote Food Safety in the Food Service Industry

Untitled design (58)


Food safety is a significant concern for both commercial kitchen staff and consumers. Touchless technology centered on food safety promotes safe food handling. 

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Raising the ROI for Your Post-Pandemic Restaurant

Table top at restaurant

People are returning to restaurants, but the reality is that even with a (nearly) full room of tables, restaurants are still recovering from the pandemic’s financial ripple effect. At the same time, this transitional period for the restaurant industry owners/operators considering and implementing changes to respond to the post-pandemic preferences of restaurant customers. In some cases, these changes open up opportunities for long-term savings. Here are some approaches restaurant owners/operators can take to maximize the efficiency of their operations, save money and deliver on diner expectations.

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