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8 Places That Are Ideal for Handwashing Stations

Portable handwashing stations on city street

Have you ever been in a public building or venue and needed to wash your hands? The ever-elusive restroom is clear on the other side of the building. 

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How to Get Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funds for Commercial Restrooms

Image of a commercial restroom sinks with touchless faucets installed.

Did you know that you can use coronavirus relief funds for commercial restrooms? Even if your commercial building is a recent construction, anything done before the COVID outbreak did not account for social distancing or other health mandates. 

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The Most Suitable Faucets for Nursing Homes

walking down the hall in a nursing home


According to the CDC, wet environments, like sinks, pose a health hazard for infections. Since the elderly are more susceptible to illness, fittings and faucets for nursing homes must reduce the risk of microbial growth in these areas.

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5 Ways to Increase Water Efficiency in Green Buildings

There is not an endless supply of water. Water efficiency in Green Buildings enables you to preserve this precious, natural resource. There are several ways you can improve the water conservation of buildings your design, own, or operate.

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