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FREE WHITE PAPER: Philadelphia Eagles Stadium adds Chicago Faucets Fittings to the Roster!

Eagles Stadium

Lincoln Financial Field is the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2022 NFC champions.  Opened in 2003, the 70,000-seat stadium replaced the Eagles’ long-time home, Veterans Field, which they shared with the Phillies. The 'Linc' as it is fondly called, has hundreds of washrooms and locker room fixtures within the complex. 

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Interchangeable Faucet Design

Update Commercial Restroom Faucets on a Budget with Chicago Faucets


Whether you’re looking for a way to refresh the look of your commercial restroom or need to swap out components due to wear and tear, interchangeability can be a key to affordable and efficient faucet upgrades. Chicago Faucets prides itself in its century-long company history that has always invested in producing durable, interchangeable components to serve its customers’ needs best.

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Service Mode on EQ® Touchless Faucets: Your New Favorite Facility Management Tool

Commercial building

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the commercial and institutional sector — which includes office buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, and so on — is the second largest consumer of publicly supplied water in the U.S., accounting for 17 percent of the withdrawals from public water supplies. With the exception of restaurants, where most water is used in the  kitchen, the biggest category of water usage is Domestic/Restroom. In office buildings, for example, 37 percent of water use falls into this category. For schools, it’s 45 percent. 

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Low Maintenance Products for High-Traffic Buildings

High Traffic Area

When you’re responsible for maintaining a high-traffic, large facility such as an amusement park or convention center, you must find ways to work efficiently and effectively. Limited resources, a large physical area, and the unpredictability of large groups of people can make that a challenge. One way to better meet your daily objectives is by relying on low maintenance products whenever possible. Here are ideas to do just that.

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Top Faucets for Convention Centers


Written by: Carol J Alexander

Chicago’s McCormick Place is the premier convention facility in North America. It includes over 2.6 million square feet of exhibit halls, six ballrooms, 170 meeting rooms, a 4,188-seat theatre, and assembly seating for 18,000 people. Not all of the over 250 convention centers in the US are this massive, but they all do have something in common—they get a lot of traffic, which demands a durable faucet in the restrooms.

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What to Look for in a Long-Lasting Faucet

When it comes to specifying what type of faucets you need in a particular building, the top requirement that comes to mind is probably durability. Restroom features like faucets need to work hard day-in and day-out, and the last thing a maintenance manager wants to deal with is frequently leaky or broken faucets.

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High-Traffic Restrooms: A Must-Have List

airport, transport, sign, direction, toilet, changing table, signage, design

Installing, managing, and maintaining any public restroom can be a challenge. However, when you consider high-traffic restrooms in places such as amusement parks, convention centers, and airports, the sheer number of people who utilize the facilities can be staggering. As an engineer specifying the type and number of sinks, toilets, urinals, faucets, and other features of a high-traffic restroom, you’ll want to make sure the following items are on your short-list.

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Remove Stagnant Water: How Do You Improve Water Quality Before Re-Opening Your Building?

re-opening buildings

As businesses take their first cautious steps back to some sense of normalcy following the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, facility managers will be responsible for re-opening buildings that may have been unoccupied for months.

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