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Chicago Faucets Sponsors Architectural Record CEU: Do No Harm Design

Chicago Faucets was featured in the November 2022 issue of Architectural Record in the continuing education class for architects on “Do No Harm Design." 

Looking to create a design project that captures visual and auditory benefits for patients in healthcare settings? Or design a restroom in a healthcare setting that minimizes risk to patients? Maybe you just need to clarify which codes and standards are needed to design modern healthcare facilities that respond to and solves aesthetic and social concerns...then we've got the course for you!  Architectural Record is offering a complimentary class "Do No Harm Design," that will help you master these topics.  It's simple, read the entire article, pass the quiz and receive your AIA credit! Here's a sneak peek:

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The Connection Between Lockdowns and Legionnaires

Reopening buildings safely and maintaining a healthy indoor environment may be more challenging than many administrators anticipate. By late 2020, the detection of Legionella had already caused major issues at several schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

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Reducing the Risk of Legionnaires' Disease

Guidelines for Legionella Control from Renowned Experts

The Legionella threat is genuine and critical. Approximately 10% of Legionnaires' Disease cases are fatal, and a known 10,000 cases occur annually. When one adds in the estimated number of unreported cases, the total rises to as many as 70,000.

Watch The First Webinar in the Series 

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Announcing Our First Healthy Building Hero-Dr. Janet E. Stout

Janet E. Stout, PhD -

Chicago Faucets Shines the Spotlight on Healthy Building Heroes

We think it is time to focus on those who are leaders in identifying issues and determining solutions for creating healthy indoor environments that keep us safe and healthyThose individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving our built world, the quality of our environment, and our healthSo, we are shining the spotlight on these unsung heroes by recognizing these Healthy Building Heroes throughout the year. 

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How do I update my restroom to eliminate the spread of germs?

upgrade needed

Written by: Carol J Alexander

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced germ control to the top of everyone’s priority list, specifically in the public restroom.

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Good, Better, Best: What are your options for low- to no-touch faucets?

The surface of any typical sink faucet can harbor germs like the common cold, E-coli, influenza, salmonella, streptococcus, and typhus.

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Long term care facilities and Legionella: How to prevent an outbreak



There are no vaccines available to prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states. 

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Stagnant water in hospital plumbing systems: What are the risks?

adults-bed-black-and-white-1487952 (1)_OPTIMIZED

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, they expect it to be clean and safe. But is it?

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Three cases of Legionnaires' disease at senior living facility: What could have prevented it?

Home is where you go to go to relax. But what would you do if your typical self-care activities — like taking a hot shower or drawing a soothing bath — put you at risk for a potentially severe disease?


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